What is CPU usage, and how to fix high CPU usage


But sometimes I can’t execute any pm2 commands. I need to kill pm2 process by ps -Af | grep pm2 | awk ” | xargs kill -9 and then restart. The majority of your system drivers will either not have any needed updates or have updates that are optimized for newer components.

  • For example, you can answer a call on your phone while watching a video on your laptop, without having to take your earbuds out or fiddle with any settings.
  • While there are always some offers floating around, there is no doubt that the Legion 5i Pro is a tall order.
  • I am facing Crackling from speaker but only when i open simulator, My copy dvds to hardrive macbook is new i bought this 75 days ago and yet facing so many problems like this i am disappointed in Apple.
  • If you notice I have the problem myself and found a way to fix it.
  • So I updated Windows 10 AU without the GTX 950.

Why is my monitors loses signal on a restart but managed to boot into Windows? My GTX 950 doesn’t have the reboot with the black screen on another computer. So everything was fine before Windows 10 AU updates. I’m pretty sure that it must have rebooted right to my login screen because I can tell my mouse/keyboard lighting up and my EVGA GTX 950 fan stop spinning after it reaches the login screen. In the “pluggedins” image you can see that everything with a red mark means that I have something connected there.

Enable Microphone Using Device Manager

The video input or output is dependent on the device you have. Most modern displays feature the most common types of monitor ports and cables, such as HDMI, DisplayPort, and the like.

Check CPU usage Utilization on Linux with top command

However, there is one more measure left taking that is proving itself to be the most definitive fix to the could not connect to the Steam networkafter performing a network reset. A “Network Reset” is an exclusive Windows 11 feature that can help you refresh your device’s connectivity. Let’s cut to the chase and talk about how to perform one without any further delay. Some users across community forums seem to claim that the antivirus software of their Windows PC is hindering Steam’s ability to run. A multitude of players got the launcher working like a charm through the proper application of this stratagem, so here’s hoping that you can say the same afterward. Look for the executable Steam file application in the File Explorer region of your PC.

Why am I seeing Could not connect to the Steam Network?

The Twitter Blue service was initially released in Australia and Canada on the day of the announcement. It was then launched for US and New Zealand users five months later on November 9, 2021. Twitter has altered the trend algorithm in the past to prevent manipulation of this type with limited success. Twitter also censors trending hashtags that are claimed to be abusive or offensive. Twitter censored the #Thatsafrican and #thingsdarkiessay hashtags after users complained that they found the hashtags offensive. In April 2022, Twitter made the ability to add and view captions globally available.

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